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What is it?

Zimbra Partner

MailTransact is a SaaS offering from Webres Solutions providing hosted Zimbra Network Edition to small businesses looking for a cost effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

It allows you to securely and seamlessly access and manage your email, contacts and calendar from virtually any device connected to the Internet – all synchronised in real time. This method ensures that your data remains accessible 24/7 and protects you in the event that your email system is stolen or malfunctioning. It also enables you to manage your email, contacts and calendar on the go via an ActiveSync enabled smart phone such as the iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile–based smart phones.

All data is stored on managed servers in the heart of Melbourne which are backed up nightly. Communications to and from the MailTransact servers are secured using the industry standard SSL. Full support is available via email and phone with on-site setup available if required*.

Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you can’t use big business technology.

*On-site setup may incur an additional charge and is only available within the Melbourne metropolitan area. Enquire about this service when ordering.
2 GB 5 GB 8 GB
$12.00/month $22.00/month $32.00/month

What is included?

  • Full support for Push Email to mobile devices & remote device wipe
    (on ActiveSync enabled devices*)
  • No setup fee or contract
  • Full Anti-Virus and multi-level Anti-SPAM filtering
  • Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010
    • Support for shared mailboxes
    • Includes Out of Office Assistant
  • Zimbra Apple Desktop Connector for Mac OS X
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited aliases and forwarders
  • Add up to 2 secondary domains
  • Outlook Import tool to load your existing mail into your mailbox
  • DNS hosting for your domain (if required)

Discounts apply to orders of 10 or more mailboxes. Contact us to discuss a bulk discount.

*Supported mobile devices: Apple iPhone 2.0+, Apple iPad, Android 2.1+, Windows Mobile 5+, Nokia E61/E62/E65/N90, Palm Treo 650/680/700P/750P. BlackBerry support available via third-party app-NotifySync.

All prices quoted are GST inclusive and are payable quarterly, half-yearly (5% discount) or annually (10% discount). Orders are invoiced and can be paid via cheque or EFT. Online payments available soon.

How to order

To order or request our 30 day free trial, simply send an email to If you have any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to send us an email or phone 03 9017 5067.

Don't have a domain name?

You can register your domain name through us and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

Domain Extension (TLD) Registration period Cost (inc GST) 2 years $35.96 2 years $26.96
.com/.net/.info/.biz 1 - 10 years $14.85/year

Require Support?

Email Us at

Call Us on 03 9017 5067

Our preferred contact method is via email as this can be tracked and assigned to a support representative. We can also contact you on your preferred land line or mobile if you specify this in your email enquiry. The MailTransact systems are monitored 24/7 by a third party, so in the unlikely event of an outage, our technical staff will already be notified and will be able to take immediate action to rectify the issue.

Please ensure that you apply the latest Zimbra, Operating System and Office updates prior to contacting us as this can resolve a large number of issues. Of course, if you require assistance with this, please feel free to contact us.